Toys and Easter Baskets Bring Joy to Flint Neighborhoods!

During the month of April, Marine Toys for Tots’ year-round impact supported children in need in Flint, Michigan! The Program provided toys, books, and games to Catholic Charities of Shiawassee & Genesee Counties (CCSGC), a Good360 Community Redistribution Partner, that provides essential items and other resources to families in need living in Flint.

Toys for Tots is a year-round force for good, and the gifts distributed through CCSGC brought hope and emotional comfort to over 900 children living in a city that has one of the highest poverty rates in the country.

After receiving the truckload of toys from Toys for Tots, CCSGC hosted several distribution events in Flint. During one distribution event, more than 255 children received Easter baskets filled with games, trucks, dolls, and other gifts! Each child also received individual toys of their choosing to take home and enjoy with their families.

One mother shared what this donation meant to her kids.

“I work two jobs as a single mother, so I have to be careful about how much I spend,” she said. “My children seldom receive new toys like the ones we received at the giveaway. The volunteers at CCSGC let us know all the items we got came from Toys for Tots and Good360, and we were stunned. My children and I thank them for their generosity to the families around Flint.”

CCSGC hosted several other giveaway events in April at local shelters, churches, and malls, providing more than 600 children with toys, provided by Toys for Tots, and activities as they enjoyed their spring break.

“This toy donation has helped us deliver happiness to so many children in our neighborhoods,” said John Manse, Community Service Director at CCSGC. “Thank you, Toys for Tots and Good360, for everything.”

Toys for Tots is more than a Christmastime charity—we are a year-round force for good.


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