Marine Toys for Tots Brings Holiday Cheer to the Children of Pine Ridge Reservation

The Native American Heritage Foundation (NAHA) is a Good360 nonprofit partner that provides resources to people living on Reservations in South Dakota and Wyoming. Because most Reservations are located several hours from major cities, it can be difficult for families to access everyday items such as hygiene products, appliances, and other essentials—access to age-appropriate toys and books is almost non-existent.

That’s where the Marine Toys for Tots Program stands ready to assist. Earlier this fall, Toys for Tots provided various games, arts and crafts, stuffed animals, and more to NAHA to be distributed to Native American children living on the Pine Ridge Reservation. While there, team members and volunteers at NAHA distributed multiple toys to each child to take home and enjoy.

One young boy, who recently finished cancer treatment, attended the Pine Ridge Village distribution event with his father. He couldn't hide his excitement after receiving two brand-new Lego sets! His dad was even more ecstatic because, with the help of NAHA, he helped provide his son with toys that will help bring joy and restore a sense of normalcy to his life. 

"Everyone who received toys was overwhelmed by the generosity of this donation," said Erin Hibb, Treasurer and Secretary at NAHA. "It's an amazing way to start the holiday season. With the items provided by Toys for Tots, we can help people who truly need and appreciate these toys."

Another recipient was a little girl who has special needs. Although she couldn't attend the distribution event, NAHA ensured she still received a Lego toy set to enjoy for herself.

"It's nice to be able to help so many kids with diversified needs," said Erin. "Thank you, Toys for Tots and Good360, for your incredible work!"

Marine Toys for Tots is committed to providing hope and joy to families whenever it’s needed most. The families that attended the event were extremely thankful because these gifts alleviated the stress that comes with providing gifts for their children during the holidays.

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