Marine Toys for Tots Continues to Bring a Summer of Smiles to Children Across the Nation

In early August, Marine Toys for Tots’ DoGoodNow campaign brought an abundance of joy and a Summer of Smiles to families and children in the Buena Park, CA area! Giving Children Hope, a Buena Park nonprofit, hosted a large-scale distribution in partnership with Good360, Amazon, Costco, and Food Harvest, and distributed 1,600 toys provided by Toys for Tots.

Giving Children Hope conducts these distributions nearly each week out of the year. Over the course of the year, 8,000 pallets of household goods and 45,000 food items are distributed to families in need throughout the area.

Families in the Buena Park area drove through the distribution event to receive food or household items, while nearly 800 children were ecstatic to receive sporting equipment or toys! This distribution event was an outstanding demonstration of a local organization serving the community and providing toys for the children who needed a little hope and a reminder that there is still joy to be found in a simple gift.






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